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Collaborative or pair programming

Our cloud development environment offers fully collaborative workspaces, designed to enhance team productivity and streamline pair programming efforts.

Features of Collaborative Workspaces:

Seamless Sharing: Workspaces you create can be effortlessly shared with any registered user via the 'Share' option.

Invitation Management: Users will receive an invitation via email, which they can conveniently accept or decline.

Organized Access: Any workspace shared with you will be neatly listed under the 'Shared Workspaces' tab for easy access.

Controlled Permissions: While the workspace owner retains the ability to rename or delete the workspace, invited users can fully engage with the content but cannot alter these settings.

Real-Time Collaboration: All users with access to a workspace can edit documents live, allowing for immediate synchronization of work.

Experience the power of collaboration with our intuitive sharing capabilities and live-editable workspaces. Join our platform today to boost your team's efficiency and innovation.

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