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Getting started


We aim to provide zero setup and configuration environment for instant development. We are enhancing our systems and update this documentation as we progress.
Here are the steps you need to do to make your code repository fully automated in terms of configuring dev environment.

RunCode workspaces are fully customisable as per your requirement.

You can pre-configure workspace using .runcode.yaml file which should have two blocks. This file should present in your code repository or workspace.

  1. onCreate: will be executed when the workspace is created and started for the first time.
  2. onStart: will be executed everytime a workspace is started.

Here is the sample .runcode.yaml file to explain few possibilities.

  - sudo apt-get update -y
  - sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  - sudo corepack enable
  - yarn
  - cp .env

  - yarn start


All the steps to install and configure at the time of creating a workspace should be kept here. This will execute only when the workspace it created for the first time.

Above example section is having few commands to update, upgrade, enable corepack to use yarn, install node packages, and then copy .env file from file.

Like this you can add any command you want to run when the workspace is started for the first time. For Example:

  1. Install linux libraries required for you project to run.
  2. Install databases you need for your peoject.
  3. Install packages from your configuration file like package.json or requirements.txt


All the configurations to run should be kept here and this will execute every time the workspace starts. Above example showing how to run typical nodejs project

Lanuch new workspaces

There are many ways to launch new project.

  1. From sample workspaces.
  2. Install our chrome or firefox extensions and you will see runcode button in github repositories. You can launch new project by clicking on the runcode button.
  3. Connect your github or gitlab or bitbucket accounts and you can launch your projects with the clikc of a button.

Additionally you can add the following code to your file in your github repository to launch workspace by just clicking on the button.