A web application is an app that runs on a web server instead of a local server. With the rising popularity of the Internet, there is an increase in the demand for web applications in recent times. It means that more and more businesses are inclined to find apps that can help in making their work process easier. In this scenario, the developer needs to create such apps that can help businesses flourish and run their operations as smoothly as possible. However, with the existing infrastructure, there are certain problems that the developers face while developing an app. This is where we come into the picture. RunCode, can help developers focus on their work without worrying about anything else. Let’s explore the problems faced by the developers and also about how we can help solve them.

Common Problems faced by developers

Let us take a quick look at the problems developers often face because they are not backed by a platform that gives them a proper space to work.

  1. User Experience: The aspect of user interface and user experience has drastically changed from what it was just a decade ago. In the era of Smartphones, developers need to design websites in a way that they are responsive on small screens too. It is often the lack of a proper platform to develop their code that hinders the work of the developers.
  2. Scalability: This is an aspect which is about balancing the load between servers. It means that you distribute the load throughout the website in such a way that it doesn't end up crashing when there is an excess traffic inflow. This requires careful consideration on the part of the developer which they can only do if they have a proper platform where they can develop their code.
  3. Performance: You must run your code before its release to ensure that it is without any errors or bugs. Often working on an on-site device proves to be hectic while testing the code. Hence, it is better to shift your work to a cloud-based platform to get better results.
  4. Security: The developers have to worry about the kind of security that their site provides to the users. Hence, they must use extra tools and applications that can help them in reaching their goal. We have a plethora of options to choose from that makes the job of the developer much easier.

Benefits of a cloud-based workspace

The process of slow development to release new models is long gone. We are currently in an era where models are developed quickly rather than later. It also involves coding, building, testing, and releasing an app faster. That is where the need for a cloud-based workspace comes into the picture. It not only deals with the problems that the developers face while working in a traditional workspace but also helps them in accessing new tools that can assist them to work better. Hence, RunCode has a specially designed workspace that helps you in various ways.

Here is a quick look at the things that we take care of:

  • Hardware performance
  • Network bandwidth
  • Connectivity with other systems

Furthermore, we also use online servers to do different kinds of heavy lifting, including compiling and building. Our platform also helps you in running automated tests, besides deploying and scaling. The aim behind our platform is to make sure that the developers’ lives get easier and their performance gets better.

Digging deeper

Let us take a deeper look at some more points to help you understand how as a developer shifting to a cloud-based workspace like RunCode can help you develop web applications in a much easier way.

  1. Faster: The easy access to the workspace helps you in spinning up new codes or get rid of the old ones easier. Due to the quick development process, you can market your app faster.
  2. Flexibility: One of the main advantages of using this platform is the aspect of flexibility. The cloud-based workspace helps in meeting your demand for the development of the web tool easier as you don’t have to invest time in maintaining physical infrastructure.
  3. Cost-effective: We don’t need to spell it out but one of the biggest advantages of shifting to a cloud-based workspace is ensuring that you can do your work efficiently and in an affordable way.
  4. Data loss prevention: With help of a cloud-based workspace, the sudden disaster of data loss can be prevented effectively. Your data is stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything during hardware malfunction or malicious threats or even human error.

Browser Extensions

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