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C++ is a powerful, versatile programming language that offers a range of features for building high-performance applications. Here are some notable features of C++:

  • Object-oriented programming: Allows developers to define data types and functions in terms of "objects" that represent real-world concepts making it easier to reuse and maintain.
  • Procedural programming: Involves writing code in a series of steps or procedures that are executed sequentially. This can be useful for tasks that require a high level of control over the flow of execution, such as interacting with hardware or other low-level systems.
  • Generic programming: Allows developers to write code that is flexible and adaptable to different data types.
  • Standard library: Provides a range of useful functions and data structures for tasks such as input/output, memory management, and string manipulation.
  • Interoperability: C++ can be used to interface with other languages, such as C or assembly, allowing developers to use the best tools and approaches for different tasks.
  • Efficiency: C++ is known for its efficiency, making it a popular choice for applications that require high performance, such as games or scientific simulations.

Overall, the features of C++ make it a powerful and flexible language that is well-suited for a variety of use cases, including systems programming, game development, and scientific applications.

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Workspaces for C++

  • Pre-configured ready-to-code development environment with the click of a button.
  • No configurations or installations required.
  • Tools, libraries, dependencies, are pre-installed and files and settings are pre-configured.
  • Live debug and fix errors while the code is running.


RunCode features for C++ development include:

  • Share workspace and collaborate real-time.
  • Fast and reliable workspaces.
  • Pre-configured and easy to start coding environments.
  • Portable across systems and devices.
  • Supports 100+ technologies, frameworks and databases.
  • Version control systems and database integrations.

RunCode Editor Exclusive Features

Create teams or host hackathons and start working in the cloud.


  • Collaborate and communicate among team members
  • Review and monitor code
  • Ease of testing and deployment
  • Enable environment management


  • Access from anywhere, easier for participants to collaborate
  • Accommodate large number of participants and projects
  • Cost-effective, as its in the cloud, any physical infrastructure not required
  • Provide secure environment for storing and processing sensitive data

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