RunCode Incubator and Accelerators Program

We are thrilled to extend the benefits of our SaaS platform and announce the launch of our incubator and accelerators program offering amazing incentives to incubators and accelerators supporting startups across the globe to build and scale up.

About RunCode

RunCode is an online development platform enabling realtime collaborative coding across platforms and devices. Our SaaS platform supports linux-based programming languages and frameworks giving coders the choice to explore and experiment in a cloud based environment. The user has a choice to select the pre-configured workspaces or launch a blank workspace and start coding at the click of a button.

Why choose RunCode Incubator and Accelerators Program?

The incubators and accelerators program is to help them promote diverse startup ecosystems globally. We provide appropriate tools and resources to accelerators and incubators supporting the startups in building and scaling up their businesses. We are hopeful that this program would offers quality online coding platform available for all accelerators and incubators to support startups.

Benefits to Incubators and Accelerators

The program is intended to provide discounts for incubators and accelerators. It will provide end-to-end services from enabling access to workspaces and to necessary tools in addition to community support for making the overall experience easy, economical, and comfortable.

Talk to our community manager to get the best deal for your incubator or accelerator.

Apply to Incubator and Accelerators Program

Browser Extensions

Launch workspaces using chrome or firefox extensions

chrome extension firefox addon