RunCode Open source communities and contributors Program

We are delighted to extend the benefits of our SaaS platform in the form of open source communities and contributors program to reward contributors and communities within the open source channels.

About RunCode

RunCode is an online development platform enabling realtime collaborative coding across platforms and devices. Our SaaS platform supports linux-based programming languages and frameworks giving coders the choice to explore and experiment in a cloud based environment.

Why choose open source communities and contributors program?

RunCode address key challenges faced by developers such as system configurations, package installations for different use cases and real-time collaboration, along with providing other exciting features.

Benefits of the program

Empowering open source contributors and communities to innovate further in software development by providing them access to cutting edge tools to code, debug, test and collaborate in real-time. The program provides end-to-end services from enabling access to workspaces & to necessary tools in addition to community support, making the overall experience easy, economical and comfortable for coders.

We are committed to providing free access to our online coding platform to open source communities and contributors.

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Browser Extensions

Launch workspaces using chrome or firefox extensions

chrome extension firefox addon