As a developer it is no wonder that you must spend a lot of time with your IDEs. They are not mere tools but much more than that. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that as a developer, you may form a strong allegiance to the IDEs. With everything shifting to cloud-based workspace, including software development, there is a high boost in the aspect of the cloud IDE phenomenon. Therefore, it is important to mention that an IDE is different from a text editor. In addition to the different features of the text editors, IDE allows a developer to not just compile but also run code in an efficient way. This technology has also advanced features like debugging. However, this was not the case all along,. although the technology went through different kinds of developments. Let’s take a deeper look at the different features of this important tool.

Need for an IDE

What are programs? They are simple text documents. In theory, just a text editor is enough to create a program as all you need to do is enter your code. However, in reality, that is not the case. The common text editors, unfortunately, don’t contain distinctive features that can help a developer do specific sophisticated work like executing a code, spotting an error or debugging. This is where an integrated development environment (IDE) comes into the picture. This technology provides the developers with a range of tools that can help them perform their tasks in an appropriate and impeccable manner. IDEs help you to develop your program code efficiently. There are many IDEs in existence but not all of them can provide you with the standard of service you desire. RunCode, is a reliable platform, which allows you to explore various incredible and helpful features like profiling, formatting, linting. Furthermore, you can also access plugin integration like database, Git, etc.

Understanding the features

There are several features of IDEs that make them an important tool in the world of development. Despite there being different versions of this tool, the best ones like RunCode, have certain distinguishing features that make them popular among the developers. Here’s a quick look at the features of IDEs that have continued not just growing but evolving with changing times.

Text editor: Every IDE tool is a text editor with advanced features. Through this feature, the developers can write and also manipulate code by using simple visual components - for instance drag and drop. With language-specific syntax it becomes easier for a developer to develop various kinds of codes.

Compiler: A Compiler helps in translating programming languages in a way that can help machines process them. The developers can use this feature to analyse the performance of a code. The compiler optimises the code in a way that helps in enhancing its performance.

Debugger: The next feature on the list is debugger. It is a way through which a developer can identify errors in a code and rectify them. The best part is that they can check the whole code or a part of it. It is a beneficial feature that helps developers in identifying errors in a code before the application is officially released.

Programming language support: Every IDE has this feature. There are IDEs which are specific to one particular language. However, the better ones like RunCode offer the developers with linux based multi-language support.

Code compilation: As the name suggests, this is a feature that helps the programmers eliminate bugs and typos while writing codes. They help in identifying and inserting the code components that are common in nature.

Plugins and integrations: Integration is an important part of IDEs. With our development portal, you can improve the workflow properly. It means that you won’t have to worry about such issues that can cause issues in your development.

Our IDE has gained popularity because it opens up new possibilities for you. You can access remote development, portability, and collaborative coding. Developers using our platform can be sure that we provide utmost desktop and browser compatibility.

Why cloud-based IDEs?

Following are some of the important reasons that will help you make an informed decision.

Hassle-free configuration: The first advantage of using RunCode is that the development environment runs entirely on a browser. There is no issue of installation pages or distinctive packages.

Collaborate: One of the biggest advantages of using our platform is that it helps you collaborate with any individual or team, you can easily get in touch with others, including people from other countries, to ensure proper development. Collaboration is an advantage that makes your work easier and increases its quality.

Easier to work: Our highly customisable workspace can help you optimise it according to your specific needs. without any hassle.

Choice of hardware: There was a time when your choice of hardware used to determine the IDE you use. However, the cloud-based IDEs have almost eliminated that . It means you don’t need to reconfigure things to make things settle in different machines.

Development is on

It is true that we have created a platform that is making things easier for the developers. However, we haven't stopped our journey just with that. In fact, we always look forward to spotting and applying new technologies in our platform to ensure that the developers are offered a much superior product.

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