“The cloud” used to be the buzzword only for the high-profile IT world- a few years ago. However, that is not the case anymore. At present everyone is talking about the cloud and how this particular technology is used to create something as wonderful as a workspace that is accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world. Data suggests that about 89% of the prominent enterprises are already taking a step towards ensuring that they can access a cloud-based workspace. You can do that too, with the help of our advanced workspace - RunCode, makes the concept of a workspace interesting, while helping you enhance the performance.

What is a cloud based development workspace?

Though you may be aware of the concept, still here is a quick look to refresh your memory. It can be described as a digital desktop that is cloud-based. A properly designed workspace like RunCode helps you securely keep all your development data in one place. It can also help you collaborate with international developers anywhere and anytime from any supported device. A developer can write, debug, compile and test their code using RunCode. RunCode usually uses laptops or workstations to configure the preferred toolchain. Here is a quick look:

  • IDE
  • Programming language compiler
  • Linter
  • Database
  • Other environment configurations

RunCode Advantage

There are several advantages of using the RunCode platform:

  • Complexity
  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Collaboration

A Closer View

Let us take a deeper look at the aspects related to smart cloud-based workspace for developers.

Complexity: The first thing is we need to understand the complexities that can often hinder your progress in a traditional workspace. When working from your system with finite space, it may be tougher to quickly re-shape the structure of your software in time of need. However, with cloud-based workspace developers can test new ideas, as well as, design applications in a quick way. This becomes possible as they don’t have to depend on the on-site hardware or be restricted due to device limitations. A cloud-based workspace can help eliminate slow procurement processes. One of the complexities people face while working on on-site hardware is managing the processes of software updates and integration. With RunCode, It is easier to deploy and use new software versions easily in the cloud environment. Growing and enhancing is easy with our cloud-based solution. It helps you in working efficiently. One of the greatest advantages of a cloud-based platform is scalability. We have different language compilers that we have installed and also make sure to update their version for compatibility. The packages we use are IDE, framework, and Database(s).

Performance: There are several things in a traditional workspace such as machine hardware, Ram, processor, disk, network speed that can hold you back and serve as a hurdle in the path of your development. That, however, is not the case when you move your workspace to RunCode. We ensure that our network is always up-to-date to help you access and complete your work efficiently. We give you access to a completely redefined platform. Furthermore, our platform puts extra attention on the aspect of security. Hence, you can be sure that your workspace will not be breached or you will not face any issues like erased data while working on our cloud-based platform. When you don’t have things to worry about, that naturally enhances your performance.

Portability: One of the most important aspects of a cloud-based workspace is portability. Cloud portability is a process through which you can transfer data. It can be transferred from one cloud-based service to another easily without any issues. This is a process that eliminates the need for filing data all over again when making a shift. Hence, it is a key aspect which can make your work smooth and hassle-free. Usually, the environments for the developers are not portable. However, with the help of RunCode, you can ensure that your data is secured and can be transferred with absolute ease.

Collaboration: While working in a traditional workspace, we might have to get connected to other developers as we may not always be able to solve everything by ourselves, which could be a bit tough and may also take a long time. However, RunCode helps you in dealing with that problem efficiently. While working on this cloud-based workspace, you can collaborate with other developers or teams quite easily. Furthermore, you can connect with people who are living in a different location from you.

Wrapping up

It is our mission at RunCode to solve all the issues in one go. We make sure that our workspaces are easily configurable and don't take anything more than a click of a button. Through our platform, we also promote performance boost by giving access to advanced technologies. With our modern browser based platform, you can be sure that your data is completely portable and can run on any device or operating system (OS). You can collaborate with others and also with any team in real-time. We make your development journey more efficient and purposeful.

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