Cloud based development workspaces are helping organisations explore a wide range of benefits. This technology has been around for almost two decades now. However, some clients are still afraid to take a leap of faith and explore the benefits of shifting to a cloud-based development environment. It is proven that cloud based development workspaces offer greater agility while aiding your growth. In the cloud-based development environment, you get a container, which contains space where everything related to your project is stored. It also includes an integrated development environment (IDE). Here you need to know that the container can be either a docker or KVM. Besides, you can also get all the necessary server resources. Some of them are disk, CPU cores, RAM, and network bandwidth. What is even better is that it can be accessed through Linux or any modern browser of choice. In this article, we will explore cloud-based development workspace and the benefits of having one on the RunCode Platform.

Advantages at a glance

If you have read our last post, then you know that we have discussed the developer workspace in the article in detail. In case you are yet to read the post, click here. Let's talk about remote development now and the advantages you will have if you use this platform? Here is a quick look at the advantages you will have when you opt for a cloud-based development workspace to develop your software from a remote location.

  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Collaboration

Let us elaborate on each of the aforementioned benefits to help you understand better.

Performance: We would want RunCode to be an ever-evolving product, wherein Innovation is a critical part of the platform. What does that mean for you? It means you always stay updated while developing your software without the risk of running into redundant architecture issues. It is a space that helps developers to get their work done in the best possible way. RunCode helps developers in making significant improvements in their productivity and efficiency. The platform makes you competitive, while helping you in satisfying all your software development needs. The platform lets you access your work from anywhere and anything.

Ease of use: It is the second benefit that can help you make a better decision on why RunCode is the perfect platform for you. When you use just your system to develop codes, you are restricting yourself to using a finite amount of space. That is not the case when you access the cloud-based workspace. Here you get access to a well-developed infrastructure that helps you in your work process.Our cloud service allows you to manage your data and files on different infrastructure modes. It means you can select the workspace as per your requirements. The best part is that you can access your work from any device. To do that, all you need is a browser. Rest, you can be assured that your workspace could be launched and properly run with just a single click.

Security: We understand that having concerns while thinking of adopting a cloud based development workspace is natural and you may worry about the security of your files, data, and programs. We ensure that the platform is fully secure so that sensitive information stays safe. We make sure that the passcode is changed every time the workspace is turned on. This process ensures that it is nearly impossible to penetrate the workspaces with brute force. Furthermore, the passcode is 32 bytes long, case-sensitive and alphanumeric. Also, we have an added layer of security options; you can make the workspace even stronger with the help of a firewall by allowing access only through the means of a credible VPN. Our platform runs on high-end infrastructure. It also means that we have a dedicated team that protects your data and ensures the safety of what you use and build every day. We stay ahead of others in this matter by providing the clients with a reliable, compliant, and of course secure work environment.

Collaboration: Last but not the least, you get ample opportunities to collaborate and improve the overall quality of your project. Also, you can build a valuable reputation when you effectively collaborate both within and outside your organisation. You may very well run into problems or face issues during your development. A cloud-based workspace helps you in such a situation by presenting you with the option of collaborating with other developers. Through engaged collaboration, you can easily solve different issues creatively. While working, you can keep your work time flexible, increasing your scope of work and enhancing its quality.

A few more words

A smart workspace like RunCode helps in streamlining your tasks minimising the need for hardware and allows you to store your work online. It means our workspaces do not need complex virtual desktop infrastructure deployments and reduces your overall cost.

Want to make the shift to a cloud-based workspace?

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